MyDD Points for Car Washes

Car wash businesses can measure their success by the amount of repeat customers they have. Understanding what customers want not only enables you to keep them satisfied, but keeps them coming back.

Partner with MyDD Points and your business will get access to the same advantages and benefits of other corporate loyalty programmes but at a fraction of the cost.

Attract and acquire new customers

Finding new customers can be expensive and wasteful. Leaflets and door drops take time to produce and don’t always work. The DD Points Portal targets potential customers who are already shopping in your area by sending notifications directly to their smartphones via the MyDD Points app.

  • Attract local customers with exclusive deals
  • Acquire new customers through introductory offers,
    deals and discounts

Retain your customers and
communicate with them

Reward your loyal customers and interact with them directly through the MyDD Points smartphone app. This will keep customers coming back to your car wash and will improve your relationship with them.

  • A more targeted and effective way to
    communicate with your customers
  • Send notifications via the app directly to customers’ smartphones keeping them updated on
    all new deals and discounts
  • Promote new offers
  • Encourage more customer visits during quiet
    periods with instant promotions